1. Have tried many ways to learn about sexuality from books and the Internet but failed to implement much of it in their lives.
  2. Considering infidelity but would rather not and so seeking help to develop their own sex life.
  3. Would like to unload the conditioning of sexual shame and cultivate a strong sexual self-image.
  4. Learn to control ejaculation to enjoy long, high arousal sex play.
  5. Learn to be present in sex and no longer feel like they’re performing.
  6. Want to learn communication skills about sex — how to bring up sex easily, confidently, and light-heartedly.
  7. Learn how to cultivate libido as well as manage high sexual desire with peace of mind.
  8. How to restart a sex life they once loved.
  9. Learn how to enjoy a variety of orgasms.
  10. Are considering a sexual relationship with a gender other than what they’re accustomed to.
  11. They want to learn how to incorporate their sexual energy into their art, work, relationships in other than a physical way.
  12. Are ending a relationship and would like to evaluate their sexuality before a new relationship.
  13. Feel fine in a relationship but become awkward in sex.
  14. Are considering their first-time sex.
  15. Stumbling over a unique problem and looking for alternate ways.
  16. Would like to explore sexuality in the context of family, close quarters, or large household.

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