Have you ever consulted a coach for sports or business? Picked up a self-help book to understand how you think? Taken a class to pick up a new hobby? Searched for a YouTube video to get a quick skill or wrap your mind around a slightly complex technique? If you’ve ever looked for help to learn how to learn to do something better, you’d likely also benefit from sex coaching for guys.

If you’re a guy, you already know that guy-focused sexuality education for men is a bit out of reach in our culture. You can get coaching for your golf swing, fly fishing, sales technique, yoga practice, and anger management, but real life, how-do-I-handle-this sex help is relegated to schmaltzy articles in popular magazines, OMG who’s that big porn video, a high school health what-did-he-just-say lecture, avoid-at-all-cost religious rhetoric and a doctor who asks you if “everything is okay down there.”

Am I right?

Sex help that’s relevant and actually teaches us how to get what we want in our sex life is hard to come by.

Coaching just for guys might seem odd at first glance because we usually think of couple’s counseling. Actually, your sexual experience, perspective, desires, and skill are exclusively yours. You may share your sexuality with others, but you must first decide what you want, learn your own skill and set your own goals. You will be more confident and able to engage sexually with others.

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