I’ve played a lot of roles in my career. Sales rep to art production manager; pastor to nonprofit program director; writer to typographer; international community development team leader to sexuality coach. The most magnificent experience, though, is coaching — deep trust with a client, enlightened insight into and sometimes edgy actions to obtain that which they desire. I enjoy seeing people grow.

I love the fact that my personality is well-suited to coaching — my personal functions span from deep feeling to extroverted thinking, and I’m motivated by exploratory and often unique action. It’s a great setup for a coach.

I’ve provided spiritual guidance, business and community development mentoring, international mobilization, career facilitation, and sexuality coaching. I’m incredibly jazzed by helping someone navigate those in-between places in life where a desire for sexual growth meets the critical mass of enlightenment and opportunity.

Sexuality coaching draws on my deep listening ability, strong belief in every person’s uniqueness, and clear communication style. I believe these things are important to help a person feel safe with topics as personal and intimate as sexuality. In a medium of trust people feel liberated to make solid decisions and take bold action to develop their sexual lives and be the sexual guys they were meant to be.

To achieve what we want in sex coaching, it’s useful to know how we’re approaching sexuality education. I bring three pretty versatile beliefs which I think help all of us move ahead to achieve what we want as a sexual person.

First, most of us don’t have useable information. That’s largely because sexuality dialogue broke down long ago and society has failed to restore it. To remedy social discomfort, people medicalize sex, politicize, titillate, demonize and moralize it thinking they’re helping us. They’re not. We believe it’s much easier than that. In coaching, we talk about sex, and get you the information you need and can use. Our clients quickly discover that sex isn’t really that difficult to talk about.

Second, sexuality plays a very defining role in almost any area of our lives. While society would like to marginalize sex making it the first thing to lose our attention when life becomes busy or stressful or complicated, we find that gentle but intentional care of our sex life will often reorient and balance many of the other areas of life. It can be said that sex is a defining template for life. Thus, in coaching, we care for sex in the context of a whole life.

Third, coaching is most effective when we acquire a little bit of information then take action; acquire more information and immediately take action. This kind of playful experimentation allows the learner to keep a high level of motivation and reward. Sex fits nicely into this model of coaching.

I also am an interminable learner. I am always taking classes or finishing a certification. Neither do I fly alone as I am a certified sex educator, collaborate on projects with other sex educators, and I volunteer for community organizations.

Want to know more? Absolutely, shoot me a note. I’ll be happy to talk!

Rod Froseth

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