If you’re even thinking, “Maybe this is for me,” you landed on the right page. Here is where you can learn about the next steps to locating that path to a sex life that’s not stuck.

  • Watch the video above. It’s only two and a half minutes.
  • Coaching is available in-person in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota (updated–the video says Twin Cities). Elsewhere in the United States, it’s very easy for us to meet by Zoom or some other platform. We’ll discuss it when we talk.
  • Click Get Started Here and complete the “Introduce Yourself” survey. It will take you less than five minutes. Don’t forget to click “Submit”!
  • I will contact you by email within a few days. Watch for my email and reply right away. I’ll suggest a time that we can talk by phone.
  • I will call you. We’ll talk for about twenty minutes, get to know one another and I’ll answer all your questions about sex coaching.
  • When you’re ready, we can set a start date! Easy as that!