Your Sexual Journey

Some things you might come away with after work with a sex coach. You, of course, will determine your own path to a fulfilling sex life, and you will do the real work. These are some things that many men hope to achieve and do achieve once they begin the work.

  • Learn how to talk about your own sexuality with clarity and conviction. Learning to speak about our own sex is very different from learning to speak about sex in general terms. When we can speak of our own sex, we make the first huge step toward overcoming the communication hangups which plague most western sexual relationships. And most of those hangups are marked by strange silence because we are completely ill-equipped to talk about our own sex.
  • Learn to identify and talk about what you want from your sexual experiences. Few of us really know what it is that we want from sex. We just know that we’re frustrated and we want more of something. What you want could be anything. We’re all different. What you want likely isn’t all that uncommon. It’s really important for a sexual relationship and even more for our own sexual health to be able to clearly say it.
  • Learn sexual experimentation. A healthy sex life sees itself as a huge experiment. If you are unwilling or unable to experiment and try new things, sorry, sex coaching is likely a poor idea for you.
  • Learn new and surprising things about your body. While your brain is clearly your most important sex organ, many of our bodies go sadly unexplored.
  • Anxious to begin that sexual experimentation? Click here to write me a few lines about some things you might hope to learn. We’ll talk further!

  • Learn to re-frame your life in sexual terms. Many guys avoid looking at their lives in a sexual context and thus marginalize sexual things which are really very important to them creating a sense of sexual loss. Guys can learn to add a sexual facet to their own self definition. Gaining that sexual facet provides a source from which to make new decisions for yourself sexually.
  • Sort out confusion with sexual orientation and sexual attraction and discover surprising realities. Sex is complicating and confusing, but also always empowering. We should never be ashamed.
  • Discovered that sex at 50 years old was even more outstanding than it was at 25. Exploration with genital fitness, sexual touch and pressure dynamics, sexual wellness, sexual communication, positions for mature bodies and mature genitals, toys and more.
  • Grew beyond the repressive boundaries of youth and discovered that sex previously distant can become accessible.
  • Learned how to reduce many risks which my chosen sexual lifestyle brings.
  • Brought sex back to life in a previously sexless relationship. It seemed impossible.
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